Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tips for the Journey #3 & #4

A few weeks ago, I posted Tips for the Journey #1 & #2, which included Don't be Easily Distracted and Pack Lightly. Check out the Page titled Tips for the Journey for the complete list. I'll probably be adding to it as I learn my own new lessons.

Mistakes are a great way to learn a new lesson. Right?
Funny thing is, even though we know what the right thing is to do, sometimes we simply can't help ourselves.
Even Paul, in the Bible, seemed to struggle with staying on the path.

"For what I do is not the good I want to do; no, the evil I do not want to do--this I keep on doing!"
Paul from Romans 7:19

Isn't it good to know even the saints struggled with staying on track? Of course, I've always believed that what makes a saint isn't all the good they do, it's the fact they keep getting up, keep going, despite how many times they fall down.

So, here's Tips for the Journey 3 and 4. I hope they will help you along your way. All of these are issues Alyra deals with in Illuminated  as she journeys from Racah to Alburnium. Basically, these are issues we all deal with at some point in our lives.

holding hands
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Tip #3:
Keep Your Friends Near- but don't let them steer you wrong.
Yeah, sometimes you'll travel alone. Don't despair, you will eventually find others heading in the same direction as you. Join up with them. Enjoy the company. When they stumble, be sure to help them back up and they'll do the same for you. However, when the time comes to part ways, be okay with that. Once a friend, always a friend when you allow it. Don't let their individual destiny become your own. You have your own purpose in this life. Follow your own path. Be open to meeting up with new travelers just around the bend. We can never have too many friends.

A path to Paradise
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Tip #4: Don't Freak Out Over Obstacles
Hey, stuff happens. Life happens. You will come to roadblocks. You will face neck-breaking mountains. Stay Calm and ... I don't know, just don't freak. Okay?  Have you ever heard the Going on a Bear Hunt chant? We can't go over it, can't go under it... gotta go through it. Yes! Just suck it up and keep walking. Hear me on this: There. Will. Be. A. Way. Through.
Keep going. If the path leads in that direction, there will be a way through.
God is not out to set us up for failure.

He promises that he has a plan and a purpose for us. He wants what is good. He wants to prosper us. So keep that in mind and keep walking. 

Are you up for a grand journey? Let's go!

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