Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Road of Your Dreams vs. The Road of Practicality

For some reason, as I was skimming through facebook working this morning a memory hit me. And since I needed something to write about anyway, I decided to share it with you. I think it's important. Especially if you are now where I was then.

The memory flashed in my mind of me sitting in vocational class way, way... way... back when I was in High School. Let's just not worry about how far back it was. Not so far I can't still remember what happened. Okay?

Anyway, I was sitting in this class watching a video (yes, they had them back then) of possible careers we could venture into. Careers that would keep us from flipping burgers, or in my case, spinning pizzas.

What I really, really wanted to do was go to college. But I'd grown up in a single-parent welfare family. College was out of the question. I was a senior and knew I needed to figure something out and quick.
So I sat there, watching the lady talk about various careers that only required a technical school to get a license. A career would be better than jumping out there into the hodgepodge of low paying jobs available to high schoolers. 

With chin propped on my fist, I remember thinking, "What am I meant to do? How will I support myself when I'm done here?"

And on the screen flashed Cosmetologist. My head snapped up, as a bubbling excitement sizzled in my chest. I had a cousin who went into that field. I remembered how excited she'd been after passing her test and getting her license. We'd all celebrated with her as she painted our nails, fixed hair and laughed. A lot of laughter. Last I'd heard, she'd stuck with it and enjoyed her works.

A reassuring peace settled on me. It wasn't what I really wanted for my life, but I knew it was the first step of getting out on my own. I could have a career. That was a start.

From there, one thing led to another. I didn't stay a hairstylist for too long. Perhaps six years or so, before I felt my path making another turn toward a different occupation.

Oh, and the college dream? I got that. When the time was perfect. And just when I thought it would never happen, God made a way. I attended. I came out owing a miniscule loan. The majority was paid for by grants. How about that? And I now have a degree that I use... well with my writing and when I help people. My degree is in rehabilitation counseling which gives me the knowledge needed to help people overcome obstacles and live the best life they can.

Something I can use on a daily basis.
Despite the many paths, I've used the knowledge gained in my writing.

Illuminated is all about finding the road that will lead you to your life dreams. The next book will be about using the talents you've been given to make the world a better place. That's the basic premise behind a story filled with dragons, centaurs, a quest and finding love. Oh, and so much more.

I don't know if what I'm doing is my final path. Perhaps eventually the road will turn again and head in another direction. My story is far from over.

So is yours. Don't worry if the path you're on isn't really your life dream. Keep asking the Dream-giver for direction. Keep following the open paths He lays out for you. You'll get there. I did.

Sometimes, we start with the practical roads before we can step into our real dreams. Don't lose heart. Just keep walking.

Are You up for the Journey?

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