Thursday, October 24, 2013

NaNoWriMo - Here I Come!

I'm gearing myself up for the next White Road Chronicles installment.

I'm making a few plans. I'm developing a little plot line. I'm gearing up for a LOT of writing in November.

Yes, folks, it's NaNo Time!

So, how does one get ready for such an undertaking?

Well, first I will need to keep November as clear as possible. And with working two jobs, besides writing, that can be difficult. But I believe in myself. The only way to accomplish a quest is to start walking it out!

My quest, which I've chosen to accept, is to not just write the standard 50,000 words in November, but to actually aim for 100,000. The actual goal I will set will be in the middle: 75,000.

Here's what I will have to do. I really can't write much on the weekends. Sundays, I simply don't want to write. That's my break day if I'm not working at the bookstore.

So, I've given myself 26 days to write. To reach my 75,000 word goal, I will need to put out 2900 words a day. To reach my "hopeful" goal of 100,000, I need to write 3900 words a day.

I've reached 4000 words written in a day before. That I know I can do. So, here's the fun part. I even figured out how many words I can write in an hour. OH YES I DID. I'm that crazy at times.

I did a couple of test, timing myself and figured out I can type 30 words a minute. That's 1800 words an hour- barring I don't get distracted by shiny objects, the view outside, daydreaming, facebook or worse, Pinterest.

With that in mind, I need 30 hours to complete 50,000 words, or 80 hours to complete 120,000 words. Both previous novels have been in the 120,000 words range.

There's the logistics of it. To write my next novel, which I figure will be around the same word count as the other two, I will need to sit down to write around twenty hours a week in November. Without distractions.

Can I do it?

I'm certainly going to try. I have succeeded in reaching the 50,000 word goal while working a full time job when I wrote The Watchers. (Which will be released sometime before the end of this year.) So, I know I can do 50,000.

Can I double that?

I think, if I have a road map of what I need to accomplish - meaning I have a solid plotline established - then I should be able to sit and write without meandering. Having a plan is the key.

But isn't that the key for any undertaking? 

I know I'm talking about writing a book here. But honestly, all this I've done applies to anything we wish to accomplish. I talk about finding the path you are meant to walk here. I talk about living your dream. But if you're stumbling around blindly, you'll never get there. So that's why I'm sharing my plan with you. I want to show that living my dream isn't the easy path. It takes thought. It takes planning. Worse, it takes DISCIPLINE.

Yes, the yucky D word. Even with all my planning, I still have to sit down and write. Not play around on facebook. Not chat with friends. Not make excuses that I have other things to do. I will probably have to turn down some money making jobs from time to time and write instead. Why? Because this is what I really want to do with my life and the only way to make it happen is to simply sit down and do it.

The last thing we all need to accomplish our dreams... The one most important thing...

Daily. Sometimes hourly, is PRAYER.  I pray for clarity. I pray for inspiration. I pray for the right words. I sit and talk with God about where this story needs to go, how to solve a problem I didn't expect.

Which brings me to my last point about following your dreams: Never think you are alone in your quest.

At least, you don't have to be.

Dream Big!


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Things to look forward to:
I'm putting together a devotional for Illuminated. I'll have it up as a PDF file you can print or download. (Soon as I figure out how to do that) The devotional is simply scriptures to help you along your own journey. I've asked Lotari to help me put it together, so I'm sure he'll have something to say in the forward.

Another project in the hopper is a mini-story written from Tarek's point of view about why he helped Alyra escape Racah. Ever wonder, "What was that crazy boy thinking?" Well, soon you'll find out.

Be blessed dear friends. Happy travels.


Anonymous said...

I'm friending you and NaNoWriMo website. That way, we can challenge each other!

Jackie Castle said...

Awesome. I'm J. R. Castle over there.