Here you'll find a bit of information about the main characters in Illuminated. Check back from time to time as I'll add other characters, pictures, and more details later on

Each character has their own song. Check the Playlist tab to listen. 


Princess- aka Alyra

The people living in Lord Darnel's castle have been told to call her Princess, but she hate's that name. With all her memories gone, it's hard to know not only where shecame from, who she is, but also where she should be going.

What she does know:
  • Lord Darnel is NOT her father. (Nope, no Star Wars epic admittance to fatherhood here.)
  • Racah is NOT her home. She never liked the color black. No matter if people think it's the ultimate classic.
  • The medallion she's kept hidden all these years indicates she really does belong somewhere. Unfortunately that somewhere is far, far away. Like really far away. 
  • The medallion shows she has a special talent... and destiny. If only she can remember what it is.
She isn't sure if she's up for this long, long journey. However, if she stops, Darnel's henchmen, led by the terrifying Captain Bezoar will catch her. And if Bezoar lets her live, he'll take her back. She will never, ever go back to Racah. Her only hope of freedom is in reaching that allusive land, called Aloblase, that she's dreamed of so often.

Learn more about Alyra here.

Alyra's song is Wide Awake by Kate Perry.


Tarek thinks Princess is a nutcase. A very cute nutcase, but that's beside the point. Anyone who even thinks that fairytale land of Aloblase is even remotely real has to be completely crazy. And he's sure Princess likes him too, despite the names she calls him. 

Thing is, he'd rather see her run for anywhere, than to suffer what King Darnel has in store for her. 

However, there's no way he'd ever take such a pointless journey. Except, he does end up on a journey.... one that might cost him everything. Because above all, he has to keep Princess safe.  

Tarek's song is I Wont Give Up by Jason Mraz.


Jerin of Yarholm
Jerin has worked his Pop's farm all this life. He's large, muscular, and driven with a desire to turn his sickle into a sword, especially when his beloved town is plagued by a pestilence of Okbolds.

Instead of sword practice, he's set on a rocky road. Instead of time with the beautiful maiden warrior, Carah, he's sent on a trek with the most helpless, spoiled, castle brat he's ever had the misfortune to meet.

Oh yeah, he's up for the journey. The sooner he gets to his destination, the sooner he gets everything he wants. So let's go. Now! That means right now and why isn't anyone moving? He has a destiny waiting, people!

Jerin's song is Some Nights by Fun.


Lotari the Centaur
Safe and sheltered in his woodland home, no centaur of good sense would ever mix with those two-legged outsiders.

Until the girl child, escaped from the wretched Dark Lands, and entered his woods. He had only meant to help her get back to the White Road, then be on his own way. If only she hadn't been so lost, and hadn't shown him such unusual kindness for a human. And when he tells her all that he knows about Aloblase, he longs to go as well.

Yet, he can never make such a journey. Not considering how most people react to his kind. Especially that over-stuffed warrior-wanna-be who hates all creatures, especially centaurs.

And yet, and yet... if only.

Lotari's song is Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson.


Katrina the Curian
Kat has been waiting for the right moment to  make her move. 

She's small, petite and seemingly insignificant. Seemingly. But don't let her outside appearance fool you. Inside, she contains something special. Something timeless. 

Oh yeah, she is definitely ready for this journey. The hope of her people depends on her reaching her destination. 

Katrina's song is We Are by Kari Jobe. 

All the Curian's have supposedly been destroyed. Katrina's parents saw the coming threat and managed to send her away to the northern mountains where she was raised by a family of goat herders. Yet, the strange girl, outlived them all and on her adoptive mother's deathbed, Katrina learns the truth.

She then travels to Denovo in hopes of finding the way into the demolished Halls of Knowledge where her people's bones remain, along with hopefully the truth on if a remnant escaped.

Katrina has the strange lobbed ears and dark swirling marks of her people. She can walk into a library and know what books dwell upon the shelves, and what information those books contain. Her people were the history keepers of Alburnium. They invented unusual devices and kept records of all the various cultures of the land. If one ever needs to know about anything, having a Curian as a friend is always a plus.


 Stitch the Racan Centaur  
His unit has been charged with bringing the King's precious light treasure back safely. Then Stitch learns the truth about all the stories he's heard whispered in secret. 

He must make this journey. If he's caught, he'll be charged for being a traitor and forced to drink the black powder tea and be lost forever. 

Stitch's song is Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave.