The White Road Tales

The White Road Tales

Novella series 

In the White Road Chronicles, you traveled the land of Alburnium. But now, follow Tarek and his family to the dreaded kingdom of Racah, ruled by the controlling and cruel overlord, Darnel. 

There will be three books in this prelude to Illuminated. Even if you've not read the White Road Chronicles, this novella series can stand on their own, and is told entirely from Tarek's point of view. 

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The Complete White Road Tales series

He might lose his life if their secret is found out. 

Together they look for the way out of the evil kingdom of Racah. With each passing day, their love grows. Tarek the hunter is desperate to get the Racan Princess away from the powerful King Darnel, but the dark ruler has other plans.

By some means of a malicious enchantment, Princess begins to lose her memories, including her memories of Tarek!

A raging war battles inside his heart. Is the girl he loved still there? For brief moments, she seems to recognize him again. Then the moment is gone. 

And that brief, precious moment is all that’s needed to spur his unrealistic plan of escape.


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Captured: A White Road Tale - Novella 1

He will lose everything if their secret is found out.

When Tarek's family is taken prisoner by the conniving, self-proclaimed King of Racah, they make a pact to lay low and do whatever is necessary to survive until they can devise an escape plan.

Despite Tarek's efforts to follow his parent's orders, he has no choice but to save the Princess from making a life-threatening mistake. And despite his best efforts, he can't help when he loses his heart to the enchanting and lonely Princess.
Unfortunately, Tarek is in danger of losing much more than just his heart.

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Stolen: A White Road Tale - Novella 2

Tarek closes his eyes, but she is always there. Princess. His love. She has stolen his heart. Despite his parents’ warnings about being involved with the royals, he steals away to be with her.
Together, they look for the way out of the evil kingdom of Racah. Their love grows. Tarek is desperate to get Princess away from King Darnel, but the dark lord has other plans and powers.

Secret medallions and powers, secret love and temptation, and secret passages amid confusion combine to bring a tale of love … perhaps stolen. 

Ransom: A White Road Tale- Novella 3 

How had lips that once kissed his face with whispers of love now dripped with such poison? 

Tarek was often left wondering if the princess was honestly enchanted into forgetting what they once had together, or simply chosen to forget. 

A raging war battled inside his heart. Despair tried hard to convince him to give up. Hope rallied for him to hang on. For a moment, the girl he loved was there. For a moment. And that moment was all he needed.


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