Reader's Guide

Reader's Guide to the

World of Alburnium

Name Pronunciation Guide

Places: (I'm listing the ones I think might be confusing- if I missed any leave a comment)

Alburnium.... Al-burn-KNEE-um  
*Album is Latin for white

Andie... Andy
Belluvita... Bell-lu-vita (beautiful life)

Semitamon (mountains) .... Sah-min-TA-mon 
DeTiere.... Dee-Tie-ere
Racah ... RAH-Ka (Racah is a crater on the far side of the moon.)
Yarholm... YAR-holm
Conde.... Kondee
Denovo... DEE-novo

People: (Again, if I miss any, leave a comment) 
Alyra ... Ah-leer-ra.  (Lyra is a star constellation)
(It could be pronounced Ah-lie-ra, but I always end up saying it the first way.)

Tarek ... Tare-ek
Lotari ... Low-tar-ree  (A form of Luther which has a meaning of famous or people's army)
Jerin ... Jere-in started off as Berin because it sounded like bear.
Katrina ... Ka-TREE-Na (That one is probably easy, but just in case.)
Carah... Care-AH

Issah... Izz-ah  (Isa in Arabic means Jesus)
Shaydon... Shay-don
(Shay means admirable and Don means Ruler of the World)

Okay... this is a start. I'll come back later and add some more. If there's any names or places you're wondering about, leave a comment and I'll add it to my list.


Simon Elliott said...

Is Carah pronounced Care Ah (As in mine and Crystals daughters name?)
I love the books and recommend them all the time. Can't wait for the movies :D

Jackie Castle said...

Yes, that's how I pronounce it. Thanks Simon. And thanks for the great review!!