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Alyra: When We Finally Wake Up

Has there ever been a time when suddenly, you saw your life's situation in a whole new light?
Princess stopped in a shaft of light and spun around, arms outstretched... ah freedom!
Going to share something about myself, that might have inspired this whole story. 
I'd left high school and fell into a big mess with my life. And I swear, one day I just woke up to where I landed. I was doing all these stupid things, yes drugs were involved and other dumb stuff. And in all seriousness, I heard, "What do you think you're doing?"

I couldn't answer right away.  However, I knew I was screwing up and I needed to get out of my situation.

And I did.

I managed to break free of the hold drugs were starting to have on me. I did a drastic life change. Most important, I ran back for my home. Not the place where my mother lived. Not that home. I ran back to God. So I suppose, Alyra's journey home is, in a way, the journey I've experienced over time as I've worked my way back into the Kingdom of God.

Along the way, I've met friends and mentors who've helped and sorta-but-not-really helped. You really do need to watch out for the Beasties. I've stepped off the path many, many times. Many times. And I've run for the safe places with the enemy on my tail and have found sanctuary there.

Maybe this started out being inspired by things I've experience. Aren't all stories?  But I can't help but think, that anyone who has found themselves in a dark place might find encouragement in Alyra's tale. She's like any of us who've made mistakes, then realized, there's a better place we can be and we need to run, run, run as fast as we can to get back there.

So, here's a biographical sketch of Alyra and a few tid-bits of info for anyone who's interested:
Alyra of Bellavita. 
(Known as Princess in Racah and for the first part of book 1)
Age: 17 in first book, and 18 in second.
Eyes: golden brown
Hair: reddish-brown and wavy.
(I added the red for her fiery personality she can have at times.)
Height: 5'6"

Freedom. (Book 1)
To prove that she is worth the trouble. (Book 2)
To learn to trust again. (Book 3)
To stop running and stand firm for what she wants.(Book 4)

Illuminate or Light Bearer.
She is one of a very few remaining with this ability.
Lord Darnel has pretty much killed off any Illuminates he's found, except this one. He's kept her so he can control the prophecy. So he thinks.

A flame burst

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz as Alyra

Alyra (Aly) starts off appearing quite immature and incapable of doing anything for herself. She's been sheltered all her life in a castle, with few people she could call friends. Actually, she isn't even sure what friendship and love really mean.

Over the course of the next few books, Aly will grow in both maturity and self-confidence. You'll have to read the stories to see how that happens. =)

Here's a picture of Aly that one of my readers found. I think, if the hair was a bit darker, she'd have a pretty good match.

You can find more White Chronicles pictures on my Pinterest board.

Alyra's Song
Every important character has a specific song. What's strange about Aly's song and Katy Perry's video "Wide Awake" is that I wrote the strawberry scene years ago. I have no idea why Katy holds the strawberry, except that let's face it, they're yummy, and tempting. However, when I saw this video, I was like... "whoa!"


Feeling like your surrounded by darkness? Or your life just isn't what you would hope? Wake Up! Honestly, wake up and take a look around. Nobody is completely stuck. Start off by deciding how you do want your life to be. Then ask for help. You don't have to journey alone. You don't. Yes, prayer is a good start. But God also puts his children in strategic places to help weary travelers on their journey. I wouldn't say this if I hadn't experienced this myself. Find others to journey with. Talk about your struggles and what you need.

If you seek, you will find. That's a promise God gives all of us. He never goes back on a promise. Never.

If you want to read more, check out Illuminated The White Road Chronicles at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. 

Illuminated retains 5 stars on Amazon.

One reviewer said:
"Vivid descriptions of the magical creatures and places on the journey delight and keep the reader spellbound.

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