Monday, March 11, 2013

Get a Life! And Other Things...

So, I finally went to see Warm Bodies.

I hate to admit this because I'm not a real Zombie fan, not at all. However, this story was stupidly touching. Really.

Okay, so let's look at this zombie fad, I mean, for months now I've been looking at the growing number of books and wondering... for real? *rolls eyes* Geeze louise.

And the only reason I agreed to go watch it was because my son wanted to see it, and this was the only movie playing at that time slot. Wait, let me clarify... the only movie he was willing to go with his parents to see. That is. He's fourteen. Nuff said, right?

Here's basically what the movie is about:

Our zombie hero R (because he doesn't remember his real name but thinks it starts with an R) saves the heroine Julie from a zombie attach- which I might add was lead by him. He takes the girl back to his "home" (an abandoned airplane that somehow has a record player and old albums-- cuz he's some kind of hippie zombie? beats me.) and sets in motion an unusual relationship that changes everything. In zombiedom, that is.

Yes, he falls in love with her. Yes, he's sorta dead, but not quite. Which I guess is what makes a zombie a zombie. I don't know. Anyway, as R begins to come more alive, so do the others, inspired by the spark of hope R and Julie's relationship has kindled.

Thing is, all the other so-called normal humans aren't buying the "coming back to life" bit. Especially her dad who's made it his life mission to finish killing off every zombie he comes across.

Thing is, a little ounce of love get's the zombie's heartless blood flowing and they begin to remember what it's like to be alive, to be human.

 And yes, I was hearing the Beetles song: All You Need Is Love.... Playing in my mind.
 I love a story that offers a take-away of some kind. I just do. Something that makes me think.

Today, I came across an article- which I didn't read because the title said it all- about how Zombie fads can be the result of a depressed society.

You think?

As R was narrating the beginning of the story, about his pathetic existence, how he wandered aimlessly from place to place, never really interacting with others who also couldn't talk more than simple grunts... I thought, geeze that sounds familiar. He'd forgotten how to live. He hated his dreary day in and day out nothingness.

Which made me realize how many people are already living like Zombies. Sometimes, I've even found myself in Zombie-mode.

In the movie, love brought back life.
In life, love really does bring us to life. It's love that makes us human. Love of family, friends, people in general. A love for and from God. Love is all we need, as they say. Sing. Whatever.

So perhaps there's something to the Zombie craze. A call to WAKE UP and LIVE. Stop wandering around aimlessly. Stop merely existing.
Find your passion. Find the path you belong on. Find what you are really meant to do in this world and LIVE.

I'm afraid if we don't... they'll keep making stupid zombie movies until we finally get it.

Just saying.

OH, OH!! Guess WHAT!!!
(yes, I used a lot of exclamation points... I'm just that excited.)

Illuminated will have her first blog tour starting tomorrow.

That's right, the First Wild Card Tours is hosting this.There will be several bloggers joining in on the tour. As they post, I'll share the links here. Please, go check them out. They will be giving honest reviews of my book. I'm excited (yeah and a bit nervous) to see what they say. But, hey, this is part of writing... getting reviews... good and bad.

We learn from the bad, and bask in the good. Ha-Ha... yeah anyway.
We try, right?

Either way, I'm blessed to have this opportunity and hope more will come in the future.
Check back again for a list of hosting blogs.

Oh, and one more thing, I've put Illuminated on sale for .99 cents for the next week during the tour. If you've not read about Alyra's journey, I encourage you to check it out now while the price is so low.


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Jojos Corner said...

Hi Jackie!! I'm participating in the blog tour & wanted to share this with you. LUV illuminated!!

Jackie Castle said...

Thanks Jojo, looking forward to checking out your blog tomorrow

Jackie Castle said...

And I checked out the blog video and loved it. Thanks so much! Shared it everywhere. =D