Friday, March 1, 2013

I Challenge You To A... Chapter Book Challenge for March

 Not a duel. Not a race, either. But sorta. More like a grab your pen and paper, or keyboard or whatever instrument you use and let's get WRITING! 

I've taken up the Chapter Book Challenge!!

That's right folks. In one of my many facebook groups, I came across a Chapter Book Challenge for the month of March. This is a group of children's and YA writers, all of who are wanting to get their books written and know that traveling in a group is often safest.

Here's a cute video to prove my point:


So, I've joined forces with some other writers, who all have one goal in mind.... to write... duh.

My Big Goal: To travel into distant... Ooph!! Sorry wrong train of thought. 

My real goal is to finish rewrites to book 2- which today is titled: Luminosity. (Yes, I know it keeps changing. But I promise I will have it nailed down by time I order my next book cover.) For real. 

I had partially written this story a few years back, but never finished it. Now, I have to add in Tarek's storyline, and some other new developments. So basically, I'm having to rewrite the whole thing. Which is fine. I write better now than I did then. For the most part. Ha!

The timing is perfect. I've been floundering along in my rewrites. And though there's been some other things going on, when I do sit down to write, I meander in my thoughts, read facebook post, tweet... stuff, and once even cleaned off my desk. Yeah, it was that bad. 

But now I'm determined. And I'm out of Girl Scout cookies, so it's time to get serious about this thing. 
I have my story board. I have my outline. I have some writing buddies to push, prod and possibly kick my butt if that's needed. I don't have to make this journey alone. I've joined up with those participating in the Chapter Book Challenge for March 2013.

Safety In Numbers
Which brings me to another point that goes along with Alyra's story in Illuminated: Book One of The White Road Chronicles.  When Alyra did have to travel alone, she just did it. Sometimes, we have to keep our feet moving no matter what our circumstances. But it's so much more fun to travel with others. Sure, at first Alyra and Jerin didn't get along, but over time, their common goal overcame their personality differences. And by time they were nearing their destination, being in a group provided the strength needed to face the hardships.

So, when faced with traveling your road alone, keep your eyes open for others who are heading the same direction, with a common goal in mind. See if you can walk along with them. There is so many benefits to being part of a community. 

I'm a writer. This is a lonely profession. But I've been blessed with finding others who are heading in the same direction I am. We are all different kinds of writers. All with different stories. All with different methods of writing those stories. I may not like the kinds of stories the others are writing, or the methods they use to write those stores. However, I can draw from our commonalities, learn, and be encouraged to keep going. 

As General Marcel told Jerin and Alyra, "So you head for the same destination, though for different purposes. You will find harmony in accepting both the sameness and differences between you. Where one lacks, the other may have abundance. Look to each others strengths and be humble in weaknesses." 

And that is how to travel with others. Accept the differences. Look for each person's strength. And be humble in weaknesses.

And most of all... keep writing!!

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