Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First Wild Card Blog Tour... Are You Up for a Journey?

Pack your backpack, we're going on a little journey. Through a few blogs, that is.
The First Wild Card Tours is hosting a blog tour for Illuminated. Below, is a list of those who have began posting reviews and other things.  

For those who took time to read my book, I very much appreciate their honest reviews. I take everything people say into consideration and try not to let the good stuff go too much to my head. Try. Anyway. lol.

Our first stop is Jojo's Corner. I'd love to post the video she made here, but I want everyone to go visit her site because she has a lot of cool stuff going on. She not only does video reviews, but she creates Pinterest boards for the books she likes. As I was looking over people she picked for Alyra and Tarek, I was amazed at how close to what I envisioned she was able to get. She even found some fun stuff from scenes in the book.

Anyway, I repinned a lot of her stuff to my own White Road Chronicles Board. There were some great pins! Check her out. 

Next on our tour is Reviews with Art's Chili Pepper.
Check out this site for a whole list of great reads.

Finally, our last stop for today is at Land of My Sojourn 
Inspirational post along with book reviews. I'm sure you'll find a lot of interesting things there as well.

I'll share more links later this week. Stop in and leave comments if you like.

And don't forget, Illuminated is on sale this week for only .99 cents in kindle and nook format.

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