Monday, September 26, 2016

Something New in the Kingdom...

Updates are underway for the White Road Chronicle books. The first two, Illuminated and Luminosity have both undergone a professional edit and received new covers. I hope to finish up the next two by the end of this year.

I believe Illuminated will update automatically. It did on my kindle device. If it hasn't on yours, and you would like it to, I suggest you email Amazon and ask them for an updated version. Luminosity didn't get any revision, only fixing what mistakes we caught and tighten up a few things I missed before. 

And Book Six... untitled at the moment... will soon be underway. I can assure you all there will be no cliffhangers in the last book. Well, there shouldn't be. 

Along with the changes, I've widened the distribution of books one and two.

You can now read both of these book and all of the White Road Tales novellas at these distributors.
Here's a link that you can follow to get a list of where the books are now being sold.

Illuminated on expanded distribution
Luminosity on expanded distribution

All of these book are also here:
Amazon (Please be sure to like my Amazon author page for updates on new releases)
Barnes and Noble

Finally, one more little bit of news.

Keep an eye on my newsletter (Yes, I will start sending them again, soon) for the release date of The White Tales complete collection. My aim is to have this out in mid-November. I'll announce the actual date soon.

I also have a couple of new releases coming out in October from the Madison Creek romance series. More information about that in my newsletter. If you haven't signed up for that, check the sidebar and do so. I sometimes offer contest, information on sales and other bits of fun news. 

Well, happy reading
Blessings and Peace and remember to be kind to each other.


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