Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Bit About Curians

Katrina the Curian
Kat has been waiting for the right moment to  make her move. 

She's small, petite and seeminglinsignificant. Seemingly. But don't let her outside appearance fool you. Inside, she contains something special. Something timeless. 

Oh yeah, she is definitely ready for this journey. The hope of her people depends on her reaching her destination.

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History of the Curians:
Long ago, the Curians were inventors, historians, great thinkers and story-catchers. Their libraries held vast tomes of information on every city, every creature, clan, and cultures of Alburnium. They imparted wisdom on the young and prided themselves in their intellect to the point of forgetting the world around them.

They didn't even see the enemy's attack until it broke through their doors. Yet, some saw what was happening, and prepared to escape the onslaught before it knocked down their lofty towers.


All the Curian's have supposedly been destroyed. Katrina's parents saw the coming threat and managed to send her away to the northern mountains where she was raised by a family of goat herders. Yet, the strange girl, outlived them all and on her adoptive mother's deathbed, Katrina learns the truth.

She then travels to Denovo in hopes of finding the way into the demolished Halls of Knowledge where her people's bones remain, along with hopefully the truth on if a remnant escaped.

Katrina has the strange lobbed ears and dark swirling marks of her people. She can walk into a library and know what books dwell upon the shelves, and what information those books contain. If one ever needs to know about anything, having a Curian as a friend is always a plus.

You can read more about Katrina in the White Road Chronicles.

This song is one that brings Katrina to mind whenever I hear it. 

Katrina the Curian created using Gimp
From my White Road Chronicle book series
Model: Readingby jliorarch background
mountain lake scene:…
arch back ground comes from Premade Background Stockby Shinobinaku

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