Monday, April 20, 2015

A Bit About... Alyra The Illuminated

Alyra The Illuminated

Birthplace: Belluvita the beautiful place

Family: Her mother, Mary was also an Illuminated, but was killed during what seemed to be an accident, but later, questions arise as to what really happened.
Her father, Stephen is a Messenger, as is her brother, Ethan. These things tend to run down the family line. 
Alyra only has one family member left: Her brother, Ethan who at first, isn't too happy with her return home. For many reasons. 

Skills: Alyra is an Illuminate- or Light Bearer
Most Illuminates, just like the Curians, have been killed off. King Darnel wished to extinguish any light, or any possibility of people seeing and learning the truth of who rightfully ruled the land of Alburnium. 
He killed them all, except for one who he kept to serve his purposes and to help him obtain what he needed to gain in strength and power. 

Then one day, a Messenger came to Racah....
“And how did you end up in this wretched place?” Dean the Messenger pressed his dirty, beaten face against the cell bars.
Alyra shook her head, knowing she shouldn't talk to him. Reason warned her to go back now before Master found out she'd been disobedient. Again.
“Do you have a medallion like this?” Dean thrust his golden pendant through the rust-flaked bars.
Alyra gasped, staring at the round disk resting in her own sweaty palm. Torchlight reflected off the flame-emblem embossed on the surface.

“The Illuminate’s mark,” he whispered, dark eyes widening. “Whoever possesses a medallion is a true citizen of Aloblase. You must escape, child! Return to where you truly belong.”

Illuminated: Book One of the White Road Chronicles

Once Alyra learned the truth, she began a journey which will take her across the land of Alburnium, then back again as she learns the truth about herself, her abilities and her purpose. 

You can follow Alyra's adventures starting with The White Road Tales: a three book Novella series told from Tarek's point of view, then on to the White Road Chronicles where we watch Alyra's escape into the unknown as she goes in search of the truth about who she is and where she comes from. Oh and why she has this strange ability to light up like a lantern.

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