Tuesday, September 3, 2013

When Life Goes Amiss... Get Out of the Tree!

During the last stages of the editing phase on Luminosity, it seems I've been hit with one mishap after another.

I don't wish to turn this post into a whine-fest, so let's just say that I've had to deal with computer problems to health problems. Which in turn, has put off my intended publication date.

So, the other weekend, I went into church (aka the Meeting Hall) dragging my little wagon full of discouragement and frustration. And during the worship time, this scene came to me.

This is from Book 2- a part of the scene. I took out important things that would give away a few surprises and left it at the bare bones. Because it was the very last part, that really struck my heart.

Like my little hero Alyra, I was hiding away with my sorrow keeping me company, despite what my friends might say about keeping my chin up and to keep going. And here's a truth. When we are pounded with troubles, Jesus eagerly beckons us to him with open arms. Understand, I said, beckons to. Hiding away and moping will get us nowhere.

So, as I said, this scene came to me while I was worshiping, okay, pouting about all the crap that was happening.

From Chapter 10 - Luminosity
Alyra returned the journal to her bag. Grow up? This. Was. Not. Her. Fault!
Lotari simply didn’t understand her problem. She yanked at a willow limb in irritation.
Alyra sighed as she rested against the trunk. She’d made herself a promise to start trying harder to do what’s right. A week had passed since and she’d already had one major blow up in front of her family and their friends. So much for acting her age.
Maybe being from Racah damaged her.

I hear you brooding in there.” Issah’s leather boots appeared through an opening in the low hanging leaves.
She remained still, not sure she wanted to talk to anyone. Enough with the lectures.
Arms folded across his chest, Issah stared toward the meadow. His voice sounded tired, and lacked his normal enthusiasm.
Despite the pain his foot is giving him, your father was about to come searching for you himself. He’s so worried.”
Alyra cringed. She’d forgotten to check Da's foot this morning. Add horrid daughter to her list of dysfunctions.
Come out.” Issah crouched, stretching his hand to her. His earthy brown eyes took on the color of wet clay, like Lotari’s when he was upset. “I promised Stephan I’d bring you back home. Are you finished yet?”
With what?” She drew her knees up to her chest, unwilling to move from her secluded place.
Feeling sorry for yourself.  I am so sorry that you’ve had to undergo more ridicule.” The sadness in his voice startled her. What really distresses me, though, is your total lack of trust in me. You still doubt that I care for you.”
How could he say such a thing? She grasped his hand and let him help her out of her hiding spot, “That’s not true.”
Of course it’s true. Otherwise you would know I have your best interest at heart.”
She opened her mouth to argue, but the passionate fierceness on his face, caused her lips to close with a snap.


So there I stood, with this scene running through my mind. A scene, mind you, I actually wrote nearly seven years ago. And that day, those words came back when I needed them most.

Despite all the crap hitting my fan, despite all the set backs and attacks on my computers, health, and other stuff, God loves me. He not only loves me, he has a plan for me. A plan to prosper. A good plan. A plan that will not bring me harm, but hope for my future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Not only does God have my best interest at heart, He has a plan, a way through the mess I find my way in. There is always a way through. Always. Isaiah 41:10- So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

He has this! Whatever we are going through. So, my friends, pull your head out from under those covers, set down that wagon full of despair, and come down out of that tree!

Keep going. Keep fighting. You're not alone in the storm.


Which brings me to the good news!
Luminosity is now with a couple of beta readers who are helping me with line editing for mistakes. So soon as I get my last edits back, and make the corrections, I'll be sending her out into the wide world.

It's taken longer than I intended. But I'm happy with the outcome and excited about this story. I know it's better than Illuminated, which I loved that story, too, but know it has a slowish beginning.

I'm hoping the end results of book two will please my readers, as well. 

One more announcement on something fun I participated in:
 A group of writer friends got together and donated a couple of flash fiction pieces to help raise funds to support the yearly Chapter Book Challenge. 

I've been reading through the other's work and finding the short stories wonderful. When I want a quick read during breakfast, or while standing in a line or waiting for an appointment, I open my copy of Teapot Tales. Some are serious and tug at your heart strings, some will make you chuckle out loud. I have two stories in the Anthology.

Check the book out on Amazon. It's inexpensive and helps a good cause.

Be blessed, dear reader friends.
Oh, and for your listening pleasure, here is the song they were singing during the worship service, which reminded me where I stood with Him.

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