Thursday, September 19, 2013

Being the Piece You're Meant To Be

If you listened to the Luminosity playlist, you might have noticed I started off with Casting Crown's City on a Hill song. (listen to song at the end of this post.) When I first heard the song a few months back, I was astounded over how much the theme of the song went along with Luminosity's story theme. And I couldn't help but wonder, is the Holy Spirit trying to say something? Maybe.

When I first started the White Road Chronicles, there were two things I had to include in the storyline. The Meeting Halls and the Medallions which signify a person's gifting. We must have BOTH in our walk with God. We need the fellowship of believers, a support group to help us on our journey, and we need to know where we are going.

Not everyone will travel the same path. There are many White Roads in this life. Sometimes they crisscross, but they all head in the same direction. God is a God of diversity. Everywhere we look, we see it. Even to the point that it's near impossible to find two leaves exactly the same on the a tree. Our fingerprints are unique. Our eyes. Our looks! In all the billions of gazillions of people in this world, there are not two who are exactly alike. Even with twins. There are slight variances between the two individuals that mark them as individual.

So why, with all the uniqueness right before our eyes, would we think there is only one way to get something done? Why? Why would we think our way is better than his or her way? Why would we ever dare to believe we are better than someone else?

Truth is, God designed us as individuals with unique talents and unique abilities so He could reach this diverse world He created. I know not everyone will agree with me on this, but it's Biblical. I Cor. 12:4-6. Different talents, but the same spirit that gives them. The same source. The same one and only God who endows his children with what they need to bring his Kingdom to fruition.

If you're looking around at how bad the world has become, and nobody can deny it's not great, the real question that needs to be asked is what are we doing with the talents God has given us to make his Kingdom whole?

These are some of the questions presented in Luminosity. Questions Alyra has to come to terms with, and her brother Ethan. And the others, as well, who must find what they are capable of - great or small - and decide how will they use what have to help and not hinder their King?

From Chapter 9 in Luminosity:

Ethan interjected, “But the Academy only accepts selected warriors, Your Highness. What about those who are not imparted with the emblem, yet still wish to fight?”
Issah also accepted a cup of tea from the Okbold. Alyra shook her head, unable to stomach anything else. The tension in the room hung like dense clouds on a stormy day.
“Son, if everyone would simply use the giftings they’re given, to their fullest capacity, then eventually, we’ll succeed in overcoming Darnel’s influences. There are many ways to fight the enemy that does not require taking up weapons.”
“But Issah, the towns are unprotected.” Ethan persisted.
“You yourself have gone into many of these towns to deliver instructions on how they should protect themselves. Did you find listening ears, son?”
Ethan shook his head and turned toward the flames. “Still, we can’t abandon them.”
“Abandoning is never my intention.” Issah sipped his tea, then gave DezPierre a appreciative nod. The creature stood a bit straighter, looking pleased.
Shelton’s wife, Dulcet spoke next, “We’ve already lost one son and fear losing more. Please, Issah, tell us what to do.”
“Daughter, do what I’ve commissioned you to do when you received your medallion. That is all I expect from anyone.” Issah reached over and grasped Alyra’s hand. “Speaking of medallions, we should discuss the reason you’ve come tonight.”

What have you been given to do? Not sure? Have you ever taken a spiritual inventory, or personality test? That might be a good place to start. Here's the links for a few places that offer free tests. Take them a more than once and see what seems to stand out the most. Talk to your pastor, parents or a trusted leader about what strengths the quizzes show you. Finding your strengths will help you live at your strongest and be most successful in your life.

Free Spiritual Gifts Analysis
LifeWay Spiritual Gift test

Myer's Briggs Personality Test

When I come across more, I'll be sure to post the links on this site.
Happy travels!

Here's the video I mentioned above from Casting Crowns talking about the story behind City on a Hill. And following is the actual song which is also found in the playlist.

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