Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cover Revealing Day and Giveaways

Today is the day! 
Today I finally reveal my Illuminated cover designed by the talented Elena Dudina. I was so fortunate to come across one of her beautiful pieces of work and to find out she also did cover art. You can see more by clicking her stamp on the side bar. 

In the picture, the girl was my Alyra. The dragon, Crystal. How did they get to the place on the cover? Well, in the next couple of weeks, I'll release the book and you can find out. 

Until then...
I have some fun stuff for you.

And how did you end up in this wretched place?”

Dean the Messenger pressed his dirty, beaten face against the cell bars.

Alyra shook her head, knowing she shouldn't talk to him. Reason warned her to go back now before Master found out she'd been disobedient. Again.

Do you have a medallion like this?” Dean thrust his golden pendant through the rust-flaked bars.

Alyra gasped, staring at the round disk resting in her own sweaty palm. Torchlight reflected off the flame-emblem embossed on the surface. 
The Illuminate’s mark,” he whispered, dark eyes widening. “Whoever possesses a medallion is a true citizen of Aloblase. You must escape, child! Return to where you truly belong.”


The prophecy says that a child born of the Illuminated will bring an end to the dark rule over Alburnium.

Lord Darnel, ruler of Racah, possesses that Illuminated one, to make certain the prophecy never transpires. He captured Alyra when she was a small child, taking all her memories, including her identity and name. But he never managed to quench the longing in her heart to find her way back home.

Alyra now flees for her life.
Now, at the age of seventeen, she seeks the truth behind the medallion she's kept hidden all these years while enslaved in Racah.

What she finds is a narrow road, strange traveling companions, and a kingdom where nothing is what it first seems.

Well? What do you think?

Leave a comment and I'll include you in a drawing for a free book (ebook or print - your choice) Be sure to enter the raffles for a prize. 

Come back the first week of December to find out who won. Check back between now and then for updates on Illuminated's release date and possibly more ways to win.I'm always on the look out for more prizes to give away. Oh, and you can enter once a day for prizes. 


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your cover and if I win, I would DEFINITELY want the print book just to be able to add that gorgeous cover to my shelf!

Patricia PacJac Carroll said...

Who hoo! Go Jackie Go!
Can't wait to get this book.

Jackie Castle said...

Thanks Marji and Patty. I'll be sure to note that Marji. I can't wait to see what it will really, really look like around a book, too. So excited.

shaehamrick said...

Cool cover. Your comment screen is a little hard to get to though. Can't wait for the book. keep me posted.

Jackie Castle said...

Hopefully I fixed it. Thanks for visiting.