Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Celebrations and Stopping to Enjoy Them

In Alburnium, the kingdom Illuminated is set in, celebrations are cherished events in the kingdom towns.

Take Jolly Orchard, for example. When Alyra enters the town center, festive lanterns hang in the trees and tables are laden with fruits from the orchards, roasted meats and barrels full of frothy drinks.Children run around playing games while the big people talk and sing songs. As a group of Fauns pass carrying violins and windpipes she asks what they are celebrating. The last Fawn shrugs and says, "Isn't life itself reason enough to celebrate?"

And considering how many times she'd come close to losing her life up to that point, she readily agrees.

So, as many of you will be spending tomorrow celebrating Thanksgiving, I encourage you to stop on your journey, no matter where you are going. No matter what chaos is swirling around you at the moment. Despite what you have or don't have... find a someone, or a group, or those closest to you and just stop.

Stop and be happy over how far you've gone so far.
Stop and be grateful that you've made it this far.
Stop and take a deep breath, put aside your worries for a while and simply enjoy the moment.The merriment and feast. The closeness of fellow travelers.

We journeymen can sometimes forget to stop and take a breath on our travels. To take a look around at the beauty that surrounds us no matter where we are. It's there, if you'll really look. Find those things you can be thankful for and relish them. Just for a bit.

Then we'll get going again. Because we have a journey to make. Are you up for the adventure?

Happy Thanksgiving

Oh, and have you entered my giveaway contest? See the post below for more information about my upcoming book, Illuminated. I'm so excited about this story. And I want to celebrate with you. It's been a long, long trek getting to this point. Come back for more giveaways and celebrate the book's release in early December. 

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