Thursday, January 28, 2016

Changes coming to The White Road Chronicle series...

I've listened to what you readers have told me, and I'm currently working on edits to the past books in The White Road Chronicles.

Starting with Illuminated. 

I've taken various critiques I've received in reviews and other comments and have begun making a few changes. But the changes will not effect the story line at all.

Except that I'm toning down on the animosity between Tarek and Princess in the beginning. While I was working on Illuminated, I never really intended to see Tare again after Alyra left Racah. After the series began to grow and the characters started taking on their own personalities... well, he kept coming back. And kept showing up.

He wasn't interested, it seems, in being written off so easily. Which is why I ended up writing the White Road Tales novella series. I needed to see what happened before the first story opened.

I'm a closet SOTP writer. Meaning... I'm naturally prone to write for discovery. I let the story flow where I want it to go. I've tried, over the years, to rein in this wild tendency and set up a basic outline. And now I do outline. I really do.


Jerin, the centaurs, Katrina, and worst of all, Alyra... they don't care about my outline. I don't know how many times I've sat down to write only to have my characters go off in some kind of unexplained tangent.

I try to argue. They tell me to hush and type faster.
What's a writer to do?
I type stinkin' faster, that's what I do.

Same story, just a simple spit and shine

The story won't change. I'm cleaning up some of my earlier prose. Well, because I write better now. And I'm going to have an editor read over each story before I update them. So, HOPEFULLY, I'll eliminate most of the typos and grammar stuff that drives some readers up the wall. =)

Illuminated will get the most work. Luminosity... and the rest, just edits.

I'll let you know when the changes are made in my newsletter. I've been working on the first book for some time, but it keeps getting pushed onto the back burner while I finished up writing a few other stories. The next White Road Chronicle book, titled Ignited, for example.

A New Face

I love the covers I have on the series, but they simply don't match. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on Elena Dudina's art which is featured on the first two covers: Illuminated and Luminosity. As must as I hate to change them, I just find it necessary to have a bit of continuity through the series.

Here's a sample of one of the books I've redone.

What do you think? The rest will be set up similar to this. As I get them done, I'll post them here for you to see.

Next up... Cover reveal and fist chapter of Ignited... soon to be released in February.

I'm excited about this next book.
If you've a newsletter subscriber, you'll be first to see the new cover.
Let me know what you think about them.

Happy Reading,


Elizabeth said...

Dear Jackie Castle,
I have fallen in love with your series, The White Road Chronicles. As an eighth grade student, these books have brought me great joy. I read all your novellas on a device I received specifically for this reason, and I listened to your playlists that helped inspire the books. The books are all a shelf in my room, where I can look at the covers. When I went to school, I showed the book to my fellow bookworms, and their response to the cover of Illuminated was amazing. They have been birthday presents for the past year. The cover immediately grabs one in, unveiling a dragon, the damsel seemingly in distress, and a dangerous journey, before one even opens up to the pages. The cover lets the reader imagine the appearance of Alyra to the readers. This is one of the hardest things about seeing the new cover. Alyra has fiery red hair that you can't ignore, but all my mind has come up for her is the mystery of what the common picture of her displays, like how she could easily be overlooked, but holds power to stand out, stand up, and stand strong. I am truly sad that you have decided to change all of the covers. However, I agree that some of the covers don't match, mainly the third novel, Emanate. Just because one or two covers do not match, I don't see the need to change them all. Thank you for reading this comment!

Marla Evans said...

I'm so excited to read the next book in the series! I devoured the others and I'm sure I'll do the same with this one.

I'm happy to learn you're "polishing up" the first books. They were wonderful, but there were some spots that were a bit awkward. I love it when people show such loving care toward their art!

Since you're refining the earlier books, may I make a suggestion?

Lotari starts out as a rather unsure, immature youth. But then, (was it in book 2?) he's suddenly a mature, wise, fatherly figure. While I loved the transformation I did find it a bit abrupt, but I'm not sure why. I'm not sure if I didn't get enough of a sense of how much time passed, or what. Then again, I was so engrossed in the story, I was reading rather quickly and may have just missed something. Totally possible!

Keep up the excellent work and can't wait for Ignited!!

Jackie Castle said...

Dear Elizabeth and Marla,
Thank you both for writing me and sharing your thoughts. Changing the covers has been a painful decision, really. I love the first two very much, as well.

Marla thanks for mentioning your concerns about Lotari to me. I can see where the change in him might seem abrupt. I guess in the back of my mind, when Lotari began to see the times Alyra Illuminated, he started to become protective of her. And his experience with Shaydon (Not to give away any spoilers) caused him to grow up and into his own. As I edit, I'll work on bringing that out a little more.

Thank you again. I'm always glad to hear from readers.

Blessings to you both!
Jackie Castle

Marla Jennings said...

I absolutely love this series and am so looking forward to reading Ignited! I feel like I know you from reading your books, I am so thankful for you using your gift for God! Your books are on my absolute all time favorite list, every book you write is fantastic! I am in love with the new cover! It is just gorgeous! May God bless and inspire you abundantly beyond all you could ask.

Mike said...

Great series. Really looking forward to the next installment!

tanju A said...


I lovee your books! I was wondering how long the series will be.