Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ready for Another Adventure?

Radiance: Book Four (The White Road Chronicles) is now up on Amazon and in print through Createspace.

The Truth Comes Out...Choices Must Be Made...

The Dark Lord Darnel knows a Curian has returned to the Halls of Knowledge. He must stop this spark before it turns into a raging fire.

Alyra's memories have returned. The staggering truth about her past and her former master is more than she can bear. While Lotari and Stitch try to finalize the building of the Wilderland Meeting Hall, she and Ethan are proving to be a hindrance to their plans. Alyra must decide if she should stay and work through the trials facing her quest, or give in to Lord Darnel’s demands.

Katrina has more help now than she knows how to handle. Tarek, the Racan traitor, is now in her service along with the warriors Jerin and Carah. Jerin is commissioned to help train the townsfolk as they attempt to reclaim the city of Denovo. Katrina must decide if she should give up the search for her missing peoples, or stay in hiding from the one who knows her secret.

Alburnium can only be saved if everyone will put aside past grievances and stand together for the common good. Unfortunately, wounds run deep and forgiveness means mean weakening defenses in a time when a strong defense is needed more than ever. 

I've already received some great feedback from readers who said they couldn't put it down. They also want to know when then next one is coming. Soon. I'll start working on it soon. I promise.

Here's something I have finally finished. A map of Alburnium. I'll be posting it on a page here soon, along with a pronunciation guide for places and names. I'll keep you posted.

For now, let me know what you think of Radiance. Leave a review on Amazon to help other readers decide if they want to read the series. Reviews also help my rankings and give me more visibility on Amazon.

Thank you all so much for reading my books.

I hope the series continues to bless you.

Happy Reading!


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