Friday, October 10, 2014

In Other News...

Well, my news, anyway. Here's what's going on.

For those interested in such things.

I'm around 50,000 words into the next book in the White Road Chronicles series. The title (right now) looks like it's going to be Radiate.

Riyah decided this. And who can argue with Ri? Right?

Anyway, I hope, hope, hope, to have  it out for you all by Christmas. That's my goal.

So, big news for this week:

I've set Illuminated: Book One of the White Road Chronicles at .99 cents for the remainder of this week. 

Have you already read it? Then tell your friends so they can get it at this great price.  After October 20th, I'll be returning it to its normal price. 

Breaking News....

My White Road Tales series will be undergoing a couple of changes. Captured will be getting a new cover! I loved the cover it has now, but it doesn't really show what the story is about. So, my cover designer and I decided to give it a more fantasy look. 

Next week, keep your eyes open for the new cover revealing. I'll be posting both Captured, and the second in the series Stolen, which continues the tale of Alyra and Tarek's life in Racah as their relationship begins to take off.  I'm excited over how the story turned out and think those of you who like romances will enjoy it, too.

There is also a guest appearance of someone from the Chronicle series, but I'm not going to tell you who. 


So, I'm trying to set up a newsletter in Mail-chimp. Trying being the key word. I'd only send out a letter once every three months. But I intend to include fun stuff and offers I don't include on my blog or social networks. 

Once I figure it out, I'll start posting about it and offering some goodies for signing up. It'll be fun. I think. 


I simply want to thank those of you who have read my books and written me, left reviews, or befriended me on facebook and twitter. You've made this endeavor such  fun. And I'm blessed each day by being able to do what I love most. I hope my stories continue to bless you. 

I promise, there's much more to come. 

Happy Reading,

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