Monday, March 3, 2014

What's Up in Alburnium?

So glad you asked!

I've not posted because there's several things going on all at the same time. First, I've been busting my behind trying to get the first draft of Emanate done before February ended. And I did it!! YaY me.


So, while I complete a couple of other projects I've scheduled for March, I'm going to let Emanate sit and cool off before I delve back into it to do edits.

However, I've nearly completed the first novella that will go along with this series. The title is Captivated and it's all about how Tarek and Alyra first met. That's right, you Tarek fans will love this one. I'm excited about getting it done and out there for you. And it's been fun and enlightening getting into Tarek's head.

While I've been slaving at the keyboard, I've also set up my very own author page over at Facebook. Here's the banner. Which still needs a little work, but it's good for now. If you're on facebook, search out Jackie Castle Author Page and like me. I gave away a little surprise when I reached 100 likes and will be giving another one when I reach 200!

Another reason I've not posted much on any of my blogs is that I'm hoping to move over to a website soon. It's in the works!

I've declared 2014 to be my year to get organized, start treating my writing as a business instead of a hobby, and to set up my little place on the world wild web. A more centralized place. Keeping up with three blogs is just too much!

On another note, Illuminated and Luminosity are doing well. I recently found Illuminated hanging out with some of my favorite books. I had to take a screen picture! All of these authors are favorites of mine. I was blown away. Truly.

So there you go, a quick up date. Look for Captured to be released hopefully by the end of March or early April. And Emanate will be close behind.

Happy Reading.
Oh, if you've read and liked book one or two, be sure to leave a review on Amazon, goodreads or share the book with your friends. I certainly appreciate it.


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