Thursday, January 16, 2014

Scriptures for the Journey: Day One

Welcome friends,
I'm going to be starting something new here. I've put together a 31 day devotional booklet to go along with Book 1 of the White Road Chronicles - Illuminated. I never wanted to charge for the devotions, and I don't have time to go to the trouble of figuring out how to upload a pdf file and then promoting it, so I've decided to simply put the entries here on the White Road Chronicles blog. I do hope you enjoy them. I'll put up two a week. Write your thoughts in your journal. These are for your use, please don't copy or post them in other places unless you give a link back to here. Thanks so much. Blessings! 



Scriptures for the Journey

Day One

1 Corinthians 12:19
If they were all one part, where would the body be? As it is, there are many parts, but one body.

An enormous eye or a gigantic hand wouldn't be a body, but a monster!
What scriptures indicates, is that we are part of one body with many parts. Each part is the proper size, and in its proper place. I need to remember that no matter where I go, or what journey I travel, I'm not on my own. Everything does not depend on my success or failure.
Truth is, I'm only part of the kingdom’s greater plan. Life.... The World.... It's not all about me.
I am surrounded by a variety of colorful, diverse and varied friends: helpers and teachers, builders and designers, leaders and guides. Together we each do our part--the part You've assigned for us--for the greater good.
What I must remember is to both be willing to draw on the talents and gifts of those who make up the body I belong to, but also to be willing to share my own gifts and talents. I sometimes struggle in the area of believing I do have something to offer others. However, in the kingdom, even the least has the possibility for greatness. Nothing is ever wasted. Every part of the body is essential. I do have a part to play.

Let's ask ourselves: What qualities do I naturally possess in me that I can share with the Kingdom for the greater good of all the body? (Take time to think about what natural and learned talents you possess. Be honest with yourself and do not discount those small, seemingly insignificant things you can do. If you can make people laugh, that's a talent. Make a list and don’t worry about how small or big that list is.)
What resources are you able to draw on in the body you belong to? Who has been placed in your life that can offer support, encouragement or wisdom as you travel along on your journey? (List those people who have influenced your life in positive ways.)

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