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Jerin of Yarholm - Oh, those Warrior Wanna-be's

Scene from Illuminated: Book 1 of the White Road Chronicles:

The doors to the inn burst open. A burly youth with an angry scowl stood in the entrance. He held a three-foot log in his upraised hand and a loaded slingshot that swayed like a pendulum in the other. His pale blue eyes scanned the now quiet room.

“I’ve had enough!” His voice rumbled like a snowy avalanche. “Enough of you blasted little pests planting weeds in my crops! Enough of you spoiling my milk and everything else I try to do! Heads will roll. I swear it!” 

DezPierre hopped from his seat. “Oh dear, Jerin’s on a rampage again. Stay here, Miss. I need to help smooth this out.” He hurried off to face the irate youth.

 When Jerin first appeared in Illuminated, my only purpose for him was to get Alyra onto the White Road. After that, I planned to send him back home to deal with his pesky Okbold problem. 


Jerin glared at them all, his stubbly chin jutted out in contempt. He nearly matched the height of a grizzly, with sinewy arms and legs thick like pillars, though he looked no more than twenty summers.

The log swayed threateningly above his block-shaped head.

“I don’t plan to bust up the tavern, Rog. Just their heads, that’s all. They’ve got to go, and they’ve got to go now.”

DezPierre spoke up. “Oh, come now, boy. Why all this anger? Come and have a sit with Ol’ Dez, yes? We work this out. We learn to live together and get along, yes?”

“No!” Jerin brought the stick down over his head. The club hit the ground so hard, it splintered into pieces. DezPierre darted under a table and continued his peace talks from there. 

“Foolish boy! Is this necessary? I tries to be reasonable. All this-” He waved his twig like arms around, “-is big mistake, yes? Perhaps you not clear all weeds from your fields before planting, eh? Is this not possible? And perhaps you set milk too close to stove and it sours, no?”

Jerin paused a moment as if considering. “No. I planted a whole field of corn and instead, produced blasted dandelions. The milk came out of the cow soured and somehow curdled into moldy cheese in a matter of a day. So, no, the mistake wasn’t mine.” 

DezPierre glanced at the others, and with an innocent laugh, said, “Oh… well then… I thinks everyone had better… run!”

Jerin of Yarholm, was not to be sent back home so easily.

And this, my friends, is the true nature of a Warrior.

I pictured Channing Tatum when I first met Jerin, but not as pretty.
Jerin of Yarholm is a huge man, all block-like features, simplistic attitude, but a big heart.

He's a black and white thinker. If he's going, then you better get a move on. He doesn't like to goof around. Creatures are trouble. All of them. Even the nice ones. Trouble, trouble, trouble and best avoided.

And he's a fighter who must learn how to choose his battles and become more than just another foot solider.

Truth is, being a Warrior, is more than swinging a sword. Lots more.

So, I had this bit character. And as I said, I'd fully intended to send him back home. General Marcel had other ideas and felt Jerin needed to make the trip to Aloblase with Alyra.

Alyra and I weren't very happy about that at first. But we warmed up to the big oaf.

Warriors can be intense.

They're crusaders, after all, fighting for the greater good.
They're bold, and generally opinionated. Really opinionated. Really.
And they are generally at the forefront of whatever is going on.
They argue well.
They often believe the only right opinion is theirs.
They are constantly in motion.

Know anyone like this? I've met a few.

In the church, I see them on the worship teams. Leading a congregation in praise is akin to taking up a sword and hefting off the head of an enemy.

Warriors are also found in the missionaries who go into dangerous places. It's like taking a thrill ride to them, they love the adventure and the feeling of making a difference.

Warriors are those who go out into the streets preaching to the lost.

Warriors are also those who stand up to a bully who's picking on someone else.
Warriors are those who want to change what's wrong. Who fight for the rights of others.
Warriors are willing to go into the unknown places and bring aid, despite what it might cost them.

A warrior is a great friend to have. Truth. 
They are loyal, firm, steadfast and diligent in what they do.

Have you seen any Warrior types in your life? If you find one traveling along the same path you are journeying on, I'd encourage you to strike up a friendship. You'll need a bit of patience and understanding, but you'll have a true and valiant friend indeed.

Here is Jerin's Song from the Illuminated Playlist. One thing Warriors need to figure out is what, exactly, they are fighting for. This is Jerin's story in Illuminated. As Marya the Healer said, there is a difference between being a warrior and just being a soldier. A big difference. 

In other news....

Luminosity is nearing publication. The cover is in the works and I have to say, it's stunning and I can't wait to do the cover reveal party.

Look for Illuminated to go on sale in July. For those who haven't read it, you might want to before book two comes out.

I'm excited about this project now that I've settled on it being a series. I'm a fan of book series. Yes, it's hard waiting for the next one to come out, but I love being vested in a character's life and seeing them grow. And I hate when it ends!

I'm still missing Hogwarts. I have a dream Rowling might go back there... someday.

Anyway, keep checking back for more news. I've finished my rewrites and am in the editing process.

Soon! Alyra's adventures will continue, along with all her friends, Lotari, Stitch, Katrina and Jerin. Plus, there's new fun characters you'll meet as well. Oh, and DezPierre is most definitely back! Poor Alyra.

Happy Reading.

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